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The Ethereum home network upgrade, Ethereum 2.0 (aka Serenity) deployment should be implemented in stages, the first of which is step 0. The upgrade will, among other things, cause scratches, pencil alignment (PoS), and new virtual machines.

On Wednesday, the research team at ETH 2.0 addressed the third AMA meeting (read something) where the network and its latest developer could ask what they are interested in.

One of those questions is the frequently asked question – realistically, when could Cryptoverse see Stage 0 moving? “I don’t see the reality that stage 0 will not start in 2020,” teammate Dan Ryan wrote. He explained that the tests are stronger each week and that audits exist, but also noted that such assessments depend on specifics and clients that are ready for third-party review. “The rest depends on the latest email of this work on engineering concerns and stabilization / optimization.”

However, the current Ethereum network is strong in itself and will remain so for the next few years, he said, with customer teams getting “heroic” optimization and implementing Tier 2 structures. Also, “ETH 1, which lives in ETH 2, allows original access to be expanded on the carved data layer,” says Ryan
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While Ryan reveals that Stage 0 will “really” begin in 2020, his colleague Justin Drake looks a little more cautious, putting his confidence at 95%. Drake sees Ethereum’s fifth anniversary on July 30 as a good time, and is confident that launch is unlikely in the first and second quarters, especially if three users are ready before launch.

Some people seemed frustrated with postponing stage 0 once again, but the developers explained that since some changes to stage 0 specification were needed, a new direction for step 1 was needed, a deadline. “The next two months are not significant,” and tests have to be completed, so a date cannot be established, Ryan says.

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As for setting up ETH accounts for users 2.0, Hsiao-Wei Wang said that no additional procedures are currently required for ETH 1 accounts, and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butrin wrote that “if you only own ETH and you want it. To save your money, not all current offers have the risk of entering the cave for five years.